Exposed Magazine - Nude Sinners


First Issue of Exposed Magazine 1955 Jane Russell

Vintage Men's Magazine Featuring Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe - I Photograph Nude Sinners

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First published in 1955, Exposed magazine was a mixture of gossip, sex, and intrigue. It appears to have rivaled modern day rags like the National Enquirer, but looks to have been published more for men than women. It cost a whopping $0.25 back in 1955.

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Exposed Magazine 1955 I Photograph Nude Sinners
The feature story in the magazine's first issue is entitled "I Photograph Nude Sinners" by private detective Graham Moulton. Mr. Moutlon specialized in catching "passionate men and maids with their guards down." It is a story of a man (and sometimes his wife and son) taking photos of women and men in intimate moments with people other than their spouses.

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The message of the article is clear... Don't cheat, you scum bag. And, not because it's morally objective, but because you might get caught on camera by Graham Moulton!

Some interesting points from the article...

  • You can't bribe Mr. Moulton. He tells the story of how a musician tried to give him $3,000.00 to take photos of his cheating wife. Problem was, his wife wasn't cheating. The musician was planning to hire another man to visit his wife and take off his clothes in her presence - then he wanted Moulton to take the entrapping photos. Even though he was desperate for cash, Moulton claims to have shoved the guy out of his office.
  • Mr. Moulton claims that "chasing down hussies is a thankless job."
  • Moulton states that 90% of his male clients have received child custody.
  • He finds that most people cheating are looking for something they can't get at home.
  • In the line of duty, Moulton has been stabbed, shot at, and had an axe thrown at him by the cheating subjects of his photography.

This first issue also featured articles titled...

  • How Jane Russell Cracked Movie Censorship Wide Open
  • What Racketeers Did to Marilyn Monroe
  • Rubirosa! His Bedroom Secret!

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