Spider-girl - Female Spider-man


All comic fanboys are now in a catatonic state after view this "Amazing" photo of Spidergirl. Yes, this is an actual photo of a real woman who dresses up like spider-man and can pose in such as way that you can really believe she is quite um... spider-like? Of course Marvel comics has create a Spider-Girl comic because everyone knows we need a female version of every comic book character and a female Spider-man is at the top of that comic fan's dream list.

I think we can all agree this version of Spider-girl is something to "Marvel" at, especially with the attention to detail the exceptional female form and the iconic Spider-man pose. Even a non-comic book fan must admit this photo is worthy of admiring. So take your time and appreciate the beauty of comics and women tightly wound in a perfect "web". Oh, and for all the perverts out there, I give you the gift of Spider-girl performing another not-so-heroic pose. Enjoy.


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