Real Women - Plus-Size Models

Plus Size Models

Glamour magazine commissioned famed fashion photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath to shoot plus-size models Lizzie Miller, Crystal Renn, Kate Dillon, among others, in a style similar to the famous Herb Ritts of nude Supermodels from the 1980s. Their story gives a behind-the-scenes look at how modeling, particularly plus-size, really works in fashion magazines.

  • A standard designer sample is a size 0 to 4, which means magazines can only feature the clothes on models that size.
  • The definition of “plus-size” in the modeling industry isn’t necessarily the same as plus-size clothing.
  • Any model over a size 6 is generally considered plus because she won’t fit into most designer samples, but plus-size clothing starts at size 14 or 16.
  • Most designer collections run up to a size 10 or 12, even though the most popular dress size for American woman is a size 14.

There’s a shortage of models that are size 16+. Jennie Runk, a size 12, admits she’s often much smaller than the plus-size samples she models, so “I’ll sometimes wear padding. I travel with my own set. It’s a series of foam ovals and circles you can put on your butt, hips, waist or boobs so you can fit the clothes.” Jennie adds, “the true sign of a great designer is someone who can fit the curves.”

The photo says it all. These women are every bit as beautiful as the super skinny ones.

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One thought on “Real Women - Plus-Size Models

  1. Excuse me, but these women are not just every bit as beautiful as the super skinny ones, they are twice as beautiful and very real to boot, not the fake shinny types that we are brainwashed to be the beautiful we should expect! These gals are the real thing!

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