Best Spontaneous Moments Photos 2012


The Very Best "Spontaneous Moments" Photos

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Best Spontaneous Moments Photos  - Escaping the Surf Escaping the Surf! -- Photo and caption by David Smith
This is a picture of my son playing in the Mediterranean surf on a beach in Barcelona. It was taken during a late autumn family vacation and captures a childs enchantment and excitement with the sea during a lovely stroll along the beach in warm autumn sunshine. This chance photo pictures Calum's moment of escape from the surf as the wave broke on the beach.
Location: Beach at Passeig Maritim, Barcelona, Spain

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Best Spontaneous Moments Photos  - Cock Fight Cock Fight -- Photo and caption by Szymon Lazewski
Typical entertainment on Philippines. Brutal fights against two roosters out of which one has to die to bring money and glory to the owner of the one which has survived.
Location: Malapascua Island, Philippines.

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Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Lovers Quarrel Lover's Quarrel Comes in Many Forms -- Photo and caption by Dengei Calunod
I visited the beach town of Sitges in Spain this spring; I came across this guy bringing his pet cat for what seemed to be a day to relax for the both of them. The cat was all very playful and jovial, until its master sat down, leant his back against the sea wall comfortably reading a book whilst enjoying the breeze. The cat slowly went the other way with downed level of excitement, perhaps felt abandoned.
Location: Sitges, Catalunia, Spain

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Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Tiger Eating Meat Spontaneous Moments Photo - Tiger Eating -- Photo and caption by Iyan Xavier
A beautiful , stunning white tiger named Omar, fetching his meal thrown by the trainer, he looks really hungry cravings for those meats!
Location: Singapore Zoo

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Summer Joy Summer Joy! -- Photo and caption by david lyle
Three sisters playing in the sunset surf on Maui.
Location: Maui, Hawaii

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Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Request of a Child Request of a Child -- Photo and caption by DIEGO GARZIA
I take this shot in Malaysia, at Tahiupusam 2012 in a temple of Batu Caves. Tired of the long procession, a child asks to be picked up by mom.
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Grey Heron Silhouette Grey Heron Silhouette at Sunset -- Photo and caption by Justin Sneddon
Several days into our trip to the Maldives island "The Royal Island", I stepped onto the beach to get a sunset picture with my telephoto lens. There wasn't any foreground interest until this Grey Heron flew past and landed on the sea wall. I spotted the opportunity with the setting sun, so kicked off my shorts and waded into the water to get as close to the bird as possible. I only got off two of these shots (with the bird perfectly centred) before the whole event was over. If I was 5 seconds later in spotting the opportunity I would have missed it.
Location: Horubadhoo, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - LOVE Best Spontaneous Photos - L.O.V.E. -- Photo and caption by irena berdon
I took this photo in a park situated in Milan, Italy. It depicts common life in urban space. I found proper to add a message found in the chocolate candy called Baci: "Every great love begins with a kiss." Since illustrate the industrial culture in modern times.
Location: Milan

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Camel Attack Camel Attack -- Photo and caption by Rhiannon Wynn
While taking a break from our camel ride in the desert of Rajasthan, I paused to take a photo of our group's young camel handlers. Just as I was taking the shot, the camel decided the one boy's hair looked incredibly tasty, and took a bite.
Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Three Sheets to the Wind Best Spontaneous Photos - Three Sheets to the Wind -- Photo and caption by Andrew Wyatt
Sirens of the playa, who call themselves "Wind Worshipers" took large swaths of silk fabric every late afternoon at the annual Burning Man festival in 2011. Burning Man is annual gathering of about 50,000 people than build a temporary city in the Black Rock desert north of Reno,NV, that showcases large art structures,crazy costumed revelers, and a spirit of "radical, free expression."
Location: Black Rock Desert, NV

The above 10 photographs are some of our favorites from National Geographic's Spontaneous Moments 2012 photo contest. Check back again, as we will feature more amazing Spontaneous Moments photos soon.


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