Best January Jones as Emma Frost Photos

January Jones, who knew quite a bit about playing "cold" characters from her role as Betty Draper on TV's Mad Men, played the role of the dry-witted Emma Frost in 2011's X-Men: First Class. And, here we present you with 31 of her best (and least clothed) photos from the film.

January Jones as Emma Frost Cleavage Screen Cap

The Very Best Photos of January Jones as Emma Frost (31 Photos / Screen Caps)

January Jones as Emma Frost

January Jones - Sexy Emma Frost Boobs

January Jones - Emma Frost - Closeup

January Jones - Xmen Poster

January Jones in Lingerie Xmen

Emma Frost Laying Out

January Jones Behind the Scenes X-Men

January Jones behind the scenes during filming of X-Men: First Class.

Beautiful January Jones as Emma Frost

January Jones Emma Frost Screen Cap

Emma Frost Chained to Bed

Diamond Covered Emma Frost Chained to the Bed

January Jones Chained to Bed

Gorgeous January Jones as Emma Frost

January Jones made one very hot and gorgeous Emma Frost.

Sexy January Jones Emma Frost

January Jones as Emma Frost Screen Cap Closeup

January Jones Sexy Emma Frost Photo

For those not familiar with the X-Men, Emma Grace Frost is a character from Marvel Comics. First appearing in Uncanny X-Men #129 (January 1980), Emma Frost is a mutant telepath with a notable dry wit. She was initially known as the White Queen and, over time, Emma Frost evolved from one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes to one of the group's key members.

January Jones Flowing Hair Emma Frost Screen Cap

January Jones Emma Frost Face

January Jones Xmen Screen Cap Closeup

January Jones as Emma Frost Screen Cap Sexy

Kevin Bacon January Jones Xmen

Kevin Bacon as "Sebastian Shaw" and January Jones as "Emma Frost."

Emma Frost January Jones Screen Cap

January Jones as Emma Frost Diamond Skin

January Jones as Emma Frost in Diamond Skin Mode

January Jones Emma Frost Diamond Skin

Sexy Emma Frost

January Jones Emma Frost Short White Dress

January Jones Emma Frost Smiling

Emma Frost - January Jones

January Jones Cleavage Emma Frost

January Jones Emma Frost Screen Cap 2

Alex Morgan - Body Paint Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Very Best Alex Morgan Body Paint Photos

Alexandra Patricia "Alex" Morgan is an American soccer player from Diamond Bar, California. Alex is a forward for the Seattle Sounders and member of the USA Women's National Team. Morgan was the youngest player on Team USA's roster at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. And, of course, she looks fantastic in a body paint swimsuit. Enjoy...
Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 1 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 2 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 3 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 4 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 5 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 6 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 7 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 8 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 9 Alex Morgan Body Paint Swimsuit SI - 10
Thank you, Sports Illustrated, for showcasing the lovely Alex Morgan in a body paint swimsuit. You are a blessing to men around the world.

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos 2012

The Very Best "Spontaneous Moments" Photos

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos  - Escaping the Surf Escaping the Surf! -- Photo and caption by David Smith
This is a picture of my son playing in the Mediterranean surf on a beach in Barcelona. It was taken during a late autumn family vacation and captures a childs enchantment and excitement with the sea during a lovely stroll along the beach in warm autumn sunshine. This chance photo pictures Calum's moment of escape from the surf as the wave broke on the beach.
Location: Beach at Passeig Maritim, Barcelona, Spain

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos  - Cock Fight Cock Fight -- Photo and caption by Szymon Lazewski
Typical entertainment on Philippines. Brutal fights against two roosters out of which one has to die to bring money and glory to the owner of the one which has survived.
Location: Malapascua Island, Philippines.

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Lovers Quarrel Lover's Quarrel Comes in Many Forms -- Photo and caption by Dengei Calunod
I visited the beach town of Sitges in Spain this spring; I came across this guy bringing his pet cat for what seemed to be a day to relax for the both of them. The cat was all very playful and jovial, until its master sat down, leant his back against the sea wall comfortably reading a book whilst enjoying the breeze. The cat slowly went the other way with downed level of excitement, perhaps felt abandoned.
Location: Sitges, Catalunia, Spain

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Tiger Eating Meat Spontaneous Moments Photo - Tiger Eating -- Photo and caption by Iyan Xavier
A beautiful , stunning white tiger named Omar, fetching his meal thrown by the trainer, he looks really hungry cravings for those meats!
Location: Singapore Zoo

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Summer Joy Summer Joy! -- Photo and caption by david lyle
Three sisters playing in the sunset surf on Maui.
Location: Maui, Hawaii

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Request of a Child Request of a Child -- Photo and caption by DIEGO GARZIA
I take this shot in Malaysia, at Tahiupusam 2012 in a temple of Batu Caves. Tired of the long procession, a child asks to be picked up by mom.
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Grey Heron Silhouette Grey Heron Silhouette at Sunset -- Photo and caption by Justin Sneddon
Several days into our trip to the Maldives island "The Royal Island", I stepped onto the beach to get a sunset picture with my telephoto lens. There wasn't any foreground interest until this Grey Heron flew past and landed on the sea wall. I spotted the opportunity with the setting sun, so kicked off my shorts and waded into the water to get as close to the bird as possible. I only got off two of these shots (with the bird perfectly centred) before the whole event was over. If I was 5 seconds later in spotting the opportunity I would have missed it.
Location: Horubadhoo, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - LOVE Best Spontaneous Photos - L.O.V.E. -- Photo and caption by irena berdon
I took this photo in a park situated in Milan, Italy. It depicts common life in urban space. I found proper to add a message found in the chocolate candy called Baci: "Every great love begins with a kiss." Since illustrate the industrial culture in modern times.
Location: Milan

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Camel Attack Camel Attack -- Photo and caption by Rhiannon Wynn
While taking a break from our camel ride in the desert of Rajasthan, I paused to take a photo of our group's young camel handlers. Just as I was taking the shot, the camel decided the one boy's hair looked incredibly tasty, and took a bite.
Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Best Spontaneous Moments Photos - Three Sheets to the Wind Best Spontaneous Photos - Three Sheets to the Wind -- Photo and caption by Andrew Wyatt
Sirens of the playa, who call themselves "Wind Worshipers" took large swaths of silk fabric every late afternoon at the annual Burning Man festival in 2011. Burning Man is annual gathering of about 50,000 people than build a temporary city in the Black Rock desert north of Reno,NV, that showcases large art structures,crazy costumed revelers, and a spirit of "radical, free expression."
Location: Black Rock Desert, NV

The above 10 photographs are some of our favorites from National Geographic's Spontaneous Moments 2012 photo contest. Check back again, as we will feature more amazing Spontaneous Moments photos soon.

Kate Upton Topless in Esquire Magazine

Kate Upton Topless in Panties Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover gig was her first big break, but it looks likes she got another one with this topless cover for Esquire Magazine. Yes, you heard that correctly - Kate Upton topless in Esquire Magazine! Wearing nothing but tiny black panties and a men’s blazer draped over one shoulder and arm, Kate's huge breasts are spilling out all over the place.

Check out all of the Kate Upton topless pictures from Esquire Magazine...

According to gossip in Tinseltown, Kate has become an "overnight sensation" everywhere. And, they're also saying it “doesn’t look like she’s going away anytime soon." Kate Upton is on fire right now and she’s been one of the top 10 Google searches for quite some time now. Her voluptuous curves are a big hit in America and throughout the world.

Happy Birthday, Cinemagraph


What is a cinemagraph? Firstly, it is cool. Secondly, it is used mostly in fashion and new for online advertising. Thirdly, it is a artistic animated gif, at least in my humble opinion. The gif is animated but only in certain areas to give a mood or feeling to the moving picture. Kind of like telling a story with something as subtle as hair blowing or candles flickering as in this cinemagraph. What do you think about them? Here is a link to some more information about cinemagraphs as well as 9 more to mesmerize you.

Shark Eats Another Shark Whole (Photos)

Shark Eats Another Shark Whole

Photos by Daniela Ceccarelli

National Geographic recently released this amazing photograph of one shark eating another shark whole.

The photos were taken by Daniela Ceccarelli, of Australia's Research Council Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. Daniela was conducting research on a "fish census" off Great Keppel Island, Great Barrier Reef when she spotted what was thought to be a brown-banded bamboo shark near the ocean floor.
Wobbegong Shark Eats Bamboo Shark "The first thing that caught my eye was the almost translucent white of the bamboo shark," Ceccarelli told National Geographic via email. Instead, as Ceccarelli moved in for a better look, she found a camouflaged wobbegong shark emerging from seclusion with the bamboo shark partially inside its mouth.

"It became clear that the head of the bamboo shark was hidden in its mouth," she said. "The bamboo shark was motionless and definitely dead."
Carpet Shark Eats Another Shark Whole Amazing photos of a scene seldom seen... One shark eating another.

Most Unique Picture Ever - Wyatt Earp, Butch Cassidy 1883

As the caption on the photo states, 1883's "The Gathering" is quite possibly the most unique picture ever taken. Just take a look and see for yourself. This 1883 photo from Hunters Hot Springs, Montana features some of the most famous people from America's "Old West" era... Wyatt Earp, Teddy Roosevelt, Doc Holliday, Butch Cassidy, Bat Masterson, Judge Roy Bean, and more.
Most Unique Picture Ever Taken Wyatt Erp

Most Unique Picture Ever Taken

Pictured here are some of the most famous (and/or "infamous") people of the late 1800's...
Wyatt Earp, Teddy Roosevelt, Doc Holliday (John Henry), Morgan Earp, "Liver Eating" Johnson, Butch Cassidy (Robert LeRoy Parker), The Sundance Kid (Harry Alonzo Longabaugh), Bat Masterson, Harry Britton, Judge Roy Bean, Ben Greenough.

This photo was found for sale on eBay, with no text / description. If anyone can identify any of the men with no names please leave a message in the comments below.

Now I See Why "The Birds" Was Scary


A Cape gannet looms large in a prizewinning image from the World Press Photo exhibition, which is being shown at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The gannet has a wingspan of almost 2 metres and can hit the water at up to 75mph
Photograph: Thomas P Peschak/Save our Seas

15 Amazing Photos to Blow Your Mind

Today we feature a collection of amazing photos featuring landscape, underwater, celebration, and other beautiful scenes sure to make you drool. None of these photos have been photoshopped or enhanced in any way. These are natural photos depicting amazing color combinations. Enjoy!

Waiting for a Miracle
Amazing Fog Morning Landscape PhotosSlovenia church in the morning fog. Absolutely stunning landscape photo.

The Game
Jumping Dolphin Amazing PhotoAmazing photo of a dolphin jumping at sunrise in the Red Sea.

Celebration - Amazing Fireworks Photo
Amazing Fireworks PhotoExploding fireworks photo over a celebration in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cloudy Day
Amazing Photos Landscape

Photo - keller

Lightning, Arizona
Amazing Lightning PhotosInspiring photo of a lightning storm in Arizona.

Source - National Geographic Richard T. Cole

Clouds On Fire
Amazing Cloud Photo

Credit - Eben

Riverdance - Aurora Borealis
Amazing Photo Aurora BorealisFor a brief moment the sky exploded and turned everything into a green wonderland... A photo can never do this thing justice.

Image Source - Arild Heitmann

Option - Amazing Black & White Photography
Amazing Black and White PhotoWinter in Quebec, Canada. Breathtaking winter / atmosphere black and white photo.

Kite Runner
Amazing Kite PhotoSabah, Malaysia. There is no ground to fly their kites. So, the kids just climb to the roof tops to do it.

Image Source - Andreas Kosasih

Amazing Underwater Photo - Landslide Hall
Amazing Underwater Photo"Landslide Hall" - Orda Cave. Russia.

When the Ocean Turns into Blue Fire
Amazing Ocean Waves PhotoGran Canaria Island, Atlantic Ocean, Canary islands, Spain. Fascinating crashing waves photo on a day filled with sun and big waves last winter. Strength and color. Blue fire.

Photo Credit - Daniel Montero

Envole Moi
Amazing Photo Lady Bug Taking FlightNice (macro?) photo of a Lady Bug taking flight.

Denise Family - Seahorse Photo
Amazing Underwater PhotosBeautiful underwater photo... Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Denise pygmy seahorses are smallest seahorses in the world. They grow to just 1.5cm. It took the photographer, Alexander Safonov, 20 minutes at depth of 24 meters to get this shot. The seahorses don't like to face the camera and keep constantly moving around.

Photo Source - Alexander Safonov

Siberia at -37°C
Amazing Frozen Landscape Photo SiberiaAmazing frozen landscape photo from the center of Siberia.

Anemone Schrimp
Amazing Underwater PhotoIncredible underwater photo (taken using Nikon D100, 60mm Macro, SEA&SEA YS300 Strobe) of a schrimp off the coast of the Philippines.

Photo Credit - Lars Grepstad

Thanks for Viewing Our "15 Amazing Photos" Post. Look for More Amazing Photos Posts in the Future!

Life With Dad

Life with Dad from 4 to 60 years

"Life With Dad" From 4 to 60 Years of Age

Recently found the above artwork on and thought it was absolutely wonderful and simply had to re-post it. If you're a father - or if you are/were close with your own father - this should hit close to home with you. Enjoy!

Life With Dad

4 Years - My Daddy can do anything.
7 Years - My Daddy knows a lot, a whole lot.
8 Years - Dad doesn't quite know everything.
12 Years - Oh well, naturally Dad doesn't quite understand.
14 Years - Father? Hopelessly old fashioned.
21 Years - Oh, that man is out of date! What would you expect?
25 Years - He comes up with a good idea, now and then.
30 Years - Let's find out what Dad things about it.
35 Years - A little patience... Must get Dad's input first.
50 Years - What would Dad have thought about it?
60 Years - I wish I could talk it over with Dad once more.

Mountain Photo Illusion


This appears to be two photographs at first glance, but it is actually one photograph of the mountain and the lake beneath. With some creative cropping this image causes a double-take, which is amazing because this photo is wonderful by itself. Did you notice the truck on the road? Wild.

Inspirational Pin-Up Quotes

Inspirational Pin-Up Quote

Cool, Inspirational Pin-Up Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are becoming more and more popular. You can easily find them in many places on the Internet today and, in no time at all, you can print them out and put them all over the place to help make your day a little better!
Inspirational Quote from Lao Tzu One of our favorite places to find these cute pin-up quotes is Be sure to click the following link to visit their Cute Inspirational Quotes category page for lots and lots more cute inspirational pin-up quotes.
Gandhi Happiness Quote